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Finding Blue Diamonds: Vintage Jeans

Finding vintage hidden treasure Sometimes in our bundles and sacks that we pick up from our collection bins there are what we call “vintage gold”, or “diamonds” lying within—Harley Davidson leather jackets, bowling shirts, couture dresses and suits, designer handbags—and the biggest “blue diamond” of all…rare vintage blue jeans. Many textile recyclers sort their bundles (more…)

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Micro-Businesses Make the World Go Round

Small businesses are the backbone of any healthy economy. At Charter Recycling we do business with the suppliers of many entrepreneurs and small business people in South America, Africa, as well as parts of the U.S. The used clothing we collect from bins around the country is condensed into 800-1000 pound bales and sold for (more…)


Myths About Second-Hand Clothing Exports & Developing Countries

A common myth about importing used clothing It’s a common misunderstanding that second hand clothing exports hurt the clothing industries of the developing nations that accept them. This is not only unfounded, but also doesn’t offer a comprehensive look at each country having it’s own unique cultural and economic dynamic. Why used clothing is banned (more…)


Why Exporting is Good for Our Economy

You probably know that at Charter Recycling we collect your used clothing, but did you also know we are an important part of the U.S. economy? The clothing we collect is exported to developing countries overseas, including Mexico, Africa, Central and South America. This creates and supports higher paying jobs in third world economies that (more…)

If my town doesn’t accept textiles with other recyclables, I should just throw them out.

FALSE. If your town doesn’t accept textiles with other recyclables, find a collection bin. Often located in parking lots of shopping centers and groceries stories, these collection companies, like Charter Recycling, recycle and reuse nearly 100% of items collected. We determine which items are usable as clothing and can be exported, which can be sold and (more…)