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organizing a clothing drive

How to Organize a Successful Clothing Drive

Many times we don’t get around to getting rid of our used and unwanted clothing and housewares because of our busy lives. Community leaders can help make it easier for their town by organizing Clothing Drives seasonally. Four times a year (one for the end of each season) citizens and volunteers dedicated to a greener (more…)

Recycling Building Community

Better Communities Through Recycling

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” — Margaret Wheatley, Community Building Author Schools, local government, churches, community centers, retail businesses and property managers all show their commitment to a community by how they integrate and respond to the needs of the community – landscaping, maintenance, design, and (more…)


The Long Life of a Tee

How many t-shirts do you own? If you’re like most people, a lot. Your carbon footprint can be much smaller with just a little awareness about what it takes to make and maintain just one of these “throwaway” cotton garments. Take a look at this short video and you’ll never look at that seemingly innocent (more…)