Why Recycle Clothes?

Don’t throw it away

When you clean out your closet and have clothing that no longer fits, has gone out of style, or is no longer needed, what do you do with it? If you throw it away, it goes into landfills and stays there for many years. If you drop it off in a clothing recycling bin, it gets reused. Did you know that clothing and household textiles make up 4.67% of the waste stream, and in Florida, as much as 10%. Read more recycling facts.

Your trash is someone’s treasure


Used clothing helps kids go to school.

The clothing drop boxes you see in the shopping centers you visit often are a convenient way to ensure that your trash becomes someone else’s treasure. This clothing is essential for people who want to go to work and school, but have no clothing or shoes to be able to do so. Good quality used clothing provides them an affordable way to dress. You will often see photographs of people in third world countries wearing polo shirts, blue jeans or button down shirts, and much of this comes from people like you who wanted to see their good clothes be put to good use.

Nothing is wasted

Every single item of clothing, shoes and stuffed animals are sorted and packed into 1000 pound bales and shipped by the container load to be sold for pennies apiece to people in third world counties. 100% of the clothing we collect is reused by someone who needs it. Even clothing that is not good enough for reuse is recycled for use as wiping rags, and reprocessed into products including paper, yarn, insulation, and padding for mattresses and carpets. Everything gets used again.


Reusing clothing keeps the environment cleaner

How it helps the planet

Reusing clothing saves huge amounts of energy and natural resources used to make new garments, as well as lowering the amount of dyes, heavy metals and chemicals that go into our ground water and affect wildlife as well as all of us. Read about the life of a Tshirt