Partner With Us

Partnering With Us


A Charter Bin at Sports Authority

Charter Recycling places collection bins in locations where people shop regularly, to make it convenient to recycle. We partner with property owners, managers of shopping centers, and city government in expediting waste management.

People want to help

People are always looking for ways to support the green initiative, and placing collection bins in well-traveled shopping centers offers them a convenient way to drop off their bags of clothing on their way in or out. When someone is ready to drop off their used clothing, and see two stores selling similar products—one with a collection bin and one without—they will pull into the store with the bin in the parking lot. That store gets their business.

People feel good about having their clothing go to those who need it, rather than discarding it in the trash. We place and maintain clothing drop bins in shopping centers, which are discreetly located in the parking lot of the center. People will go out of their way to drop off their recycled clothing, and naturally stop and shop there.

Good for your pocket, good for your image


A bin in your parking lot attracts shoppers.

We offer the property owners a fee for the use of the placement of the collection bins, which creates ancillary income for them. We clean and maintain the bins to keep the area neat and clean.

Demonstrating to the public that you support recycling is good for your corporate image, and encourages people to contribute. When they clean out their closets they are likely to buy more new clothes, supporting the retailers in the center.


Every city has overflow, and we help them collect and remove recycled clothing from drop-off centers. The city government is responsible for recycling as much as possible, and we offer them an easy way to facilitate the process by collecting and picking up from the recycling centers.

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