For Property Managers & Owners

Why a Charter Bin?

Charter Recycling has helped standardize and legitimize the clothing collection business in Florida. We help the environment, our citizens, our third world neighbors, and our partners. We enter into ground lease agreements with major REITS, as well as medium and small property owners, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in ancillary income for them. We can do the same for you.

Did you know that we also have county-wide municipal contracts in Florida to manage their textile recycling programs…and we pay them too!

When you place a Charter Recycling station at your location, you help your community get that much greener. By partnering with us you:

  • Promote recycling by making it simpler and more convenient for the residents in your community.
  • Help citizens feel more proud of their neighborhoods and more responsible for the environment.
  • Aid the poor around the world in finding affordable clothing.
  • Support recycling-related jobs.
  • Enliven the economy with export business.
  • Reduce the burden on our landfills.
  • Express to your customers how committed you are to the health of the planet and your community.
  • Attract customers to your location.

Why Property Managers, Retailers & Shopping Center Owners Love Doing Business with Charter:

The number one reason is that WE PAY. That’s right. We have a contract with our partners and we pay to use your location. It’s a win-win for you to partner with Charter. Rest assured that at Charter Recycling we get to know each and every one of our partners and work closely with them to place our collections bins in locations that work.

We research the statutes and regulations in all of the communities and towns we work in, and guarantee that we have contacted and cleared our business with all local officials.

CHARTER Recycling has been a professional recycling company for 60 years. We pledge to our partners and communities we work in to be professional, courteous and responsive in all that we do.

Our bins are:

  • clean and well designed
  • professionally managed and maintained
  • clearly labeled
  • convenient and well-placed

Our drivers and staff are:

  • expertly trained
  • efficient
  • reliable
  • courteous

We make recycling easy, and that’s good for our partners, your community, and the planet.

Please contact us for more information or to place a CHARTER clothing recycling bin at your location.