What is Credential Clothing?

Credential-Clothing Types

Charter Recycling is a collector credential used clothing, shoes and textiles. Through our clothing collections bins throughout Florida, we collect, process and recycle hundreds of thousands of pounds of only top-grade credential clothing.


Not all recycled clothing is of credential grade. Credential clothing, also called “original clothing,” is clothing that people drop off into clothing collection bins, and are sold to distributors without it being graded. Once people go through their closets and bag up their unwanted clothing, it begins its journey by being deposited into a Charter Recycling collection bin. Charter Recycling specializes in this particular grade of quality used clothing which is:

  • unsorted
  • untouched
  • not graded
  • in the exact condition in which it was deposited
  • in the original bags

Why is Credential Clothing better?

The quality of credential clothing is of a higher grade than if the bags have been opened and graded. Graders know how to pick out the top grade items of clothing, shoes (which have a higher value), as well as the valuable vintage items, and then sell them individually at a higher price. If those items have been removed from the bags, the end distributor does not have the opportunity to pick out those items themselves. Credential clothing gets a higher price at market than graded used clothing for this reason.

In addition to all types of clothing and shoes, credential clothing bags often contain:credential clothing for sale

  • vintage, sought after items
  • jewelry
  • shoes
  • hats
  • toys and stuffed animals
  • purses, backpacks and wallets
  • belts, scarves and other accessories
  • Household linens

We collect clothing from drop boxes which we have strategically placed in high traffic, affluent communities throughout Florida. Charter Recycling’s collection boxes are emptied a minimum of once a week, or more if needed. Our drivers make sure that all of the items they collect are secured in their plastic bags and that no trash or wet items are included.

We ensure that no trash, glass, paint, oil-contaminated or wet clothing are in our shipments. We collect and sell only top-grade credential clothing.

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