How Recycling Helps

Do charities really donate the clothes to poor people?

I’ve heard my donated clothing or clothing dropped in a for-profit box is actually sold instead of being given to poor people. Isn’t this deceptive and unethical?

Your contribution helps in two ways

Recycling is not unethical. If you dropped off your clothing at charity’s staffed location, that group will be using the clothing one of two ways. One way is directly giving it to persons in need, and the second is by selling it to fund its activities. If you drop your clothing in a for profit collection box, the items are sold to people at pennies per item, and help those who need good clothing at affordable prices. Either way, the textiles are diverted from the landfills and put to excellent use.

Recycling generates business

Used clothing sales create many jobs in underdeveloped countries for those selling the goods. Many people in these countries cannot afford locally made new clothing, and buying reusable clothing for pennies a garment offers them an affordable way to dress for business and school.

Helping our neighbors helps us too

Americans have an abundance of good quality clothing, and are looking for ways to put what they no longer need to good use. It helps our neighbors, and as an export product, reduces our own national deficit and creates jobs here at home.