How to Recycle

How do I recycle my clothes?


Our bins can be found in the parking lots of places you visit often.

Look for drop boxes in your neighborhood shopping centers, gas stations and stores. They are usually found in the parking lot, and offer a convenient way to drop off your items. Just throw the bags into your car and the next time you shop, drop them off. It’s an easy way to help the planet, our third world neighbors and your closet.


Organizing a clothing drive is a great way to get involved. We’ll pick it up anywhere in Florida.

Organize a clothing drive in your school, church or organization. Get your kids to contribute old clothes that don’t fit, and explain to them that it will help another child go to school someplace far away. Charter will pick up anywhere in Florida. Just call us and we’ll send a truck for you.

How do I prepare the items for drop off?

  • Make sure everything is clean and dry
  • Bundle the items in plastic bags (recycle those too)
  • Keep shoes in pairs by tying the laces or securing with rubber bands
  • Keep socks in pairs with rubber bands or folding them together
  • Don’t mix any plastics in with the clothing
  • Do not put anything that has been used for painting or has oil on it, like old rags

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