Recycling Creates Jobs

How does recycling create jobs?

Used clothing sales create many jobs in underdeveloped countries for those merchants selling the goods, those who ship them and those who process them. Providing affordable clothing to those who are looking for jobs or need appropriate attire for work enables men and women to get back to work. Without clothing and shoes, they can’t hold a job.

Used clothing helps kids go to school.


Every item of used clothing helps a kid stay in school.

Some kids can’t get to school without shoes or clothing. The used clothing they can buy for pennies allows them to attend school, which improves their quality of life.

Do imports hurt the local market?

The used clothing business does not hurt domestic sales of clothing production in third world countries. Most of the clothing production in underdeveloped countries goes to overseas consumers, such as the US.

Other uses for recycled textiles

Recycled textiles often end up chopped up and reprocessed into new textiles, stuffing for toys, carpet padding and paper-making, supporting other industries. Prato, Italy, is well known for its production of woolens made from recycled sweaters and textiles, and the industry is growing in India and the Philippines.

Exporting lowers our debt too

Even better, as a clothing recycler selling to other countries, we are an exporter. This creates jobs here in the US, and helps reduce our national deficit.