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Finding Blue Diamonds: Vintage Jeans

Finding vintage hidden treasure Sometimes in our bundles and sacks that we pick up from our collection bins there are what we call “vintage gold”, or “diamonds” lying within—Harley Davidson leather jackets, bowling shirts, couture dresses and suits, designer handbags—and the biggest “blue diamond” of all…rare vintage blue jeans. Many textile recyclers sort their bundles (more…)


Why Exporting is Good for Our Economy

You probably know that at Charter Recycling we collect your used clothing, but did you also know we are an important part of the U.S. economy? The clothing we collect is exported to developing countries overseas, including Mexico, Africa, Central and South America. This creates and supports higher paying jobs in third world economies that (more…)


Decluttering Your Closet Lowers Stress. Really!

You resolved that 2014 is the year you are going to DE-CLUTTER and ORGANIZE. Good for you! There are huge benefits to lightening your load – for your health, your productivity and the planet. According to Dr. Roberta Lee in her book, The Superstress Solution, a disorganized, untidy, clutter-filled home is not only a symptom of (more…)


The Long Life of a Tee

How many t-shirts do you own? If you’re like most people, a lot. Your carbon footprint can be much smaller with just a little awareness about what it takes to make and maintain just one of these “throwaway” cotton garments. Take a look at this short video and you’ll never look at that seemingly innocent (more…)