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Micro-Businesses Make the World Go Round

Small businesses are the backbone of any healthy economy. At Charter Recycling we do business with the suppliers of many entrepreneurs and small business people in South America, Africa, as well as parts of the U.S. The used clothing we collect from bins around the country is condensed into 800-1000 pound bales and sold for (more…)


Myths About Second-Hand Clothing Exports & Developing Countries

A common myth about importing used clothing It’s a common misunderstanding that second hand clothing exports hurt the clothing industries of the developing nations that accept them. This is not only unfounded, but also doesn’t offer a comprehensive look at each country having it’s own unique cultural and economic dynamic. Why used clothing is banned (more…)


World Travels of a Blue Sweater

Ever wonder how that guy in Africa got that Ralph Lauren polo shirt? Maybe you’ve seen a photo in a magazine or newspaper of a tiny Guatemalan girl in an Ohio State sweatshirt. Or a photograph of a Senegalese man on a website in a unmistakably American T-shirt that reads “Let’s Get This Party Started” paired (more…)

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Where Does My Used Clothing Go?

There are so many ways to give – your money, your time, your unwanted household items, and of course, your used clothing. In America we buy and give away more clothes than any other country. But when we drop our clothing into the collection bins we see in parking lots, what happens to them? What (more…)