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World Travels of a Blue Sweater

Ever wonder how that guy in Africa got that Ralph Lauren polo shirt? Maybe you’ve seen a photo in a magazine or newspaper of a tiny Guatemalan girl in an Ohio State sweatshirt. Or a photograph of a Senegalese man on a website in a unmistakably American T-shirt that reads “Let’s Get This Party Started” paired (more…)

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Where Does My Used Clothing Go?

There are so many ways to give – your money, your time, your unwanted household items, and of course, your used clothing. In America we buy and give away more clothes than any other country. But when we drop our clothing into the collection bins we see in parking lots, what happens to them? What (more…)


The Green Bottom Line

The benefits of being green have become increasingly apparent for businesses the world over, and in the U.S., sustainable business practices are proving more and more to be the mark of an industry leader. How do you measure the success or impact of your organization? Product quality? Customer satisfaction? Client reviews and testimonials? Profitability? Investor (more…)


The Giving Part of Thanks

Turns out giving is not only good for the soul, it’s a powerful and positive boost for your mood, your health and your sense of community. Whether you give away your used clothing or other goods, volunteer, or just surprise someone with a random act of kindness, you can show your gratitude this holiday season (more…)

organizing a clothing drive

How to Organize a Successful Clothing Drive

Many times we don’t get around to getting rid of our used and unwanted clothing and housewares because of our busy lives. Community leaders can help make it easier for their town by organizing Clothing Drives seasonally. Four times a year (one for the end of each season) citizens and volunteers dedicated to a greener (more…)